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Updated: Aug 3, 2019



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Hope you're enjoying the San Diego sunshine. We just thought we'd update you with a few things from Maestro.


In our effort to enrich young lives through music, we recently held a class at a local YMCA. As we further strengthen our ties within community organizations like the "Y", we hope to seek new and exciting partnerships. In the Fall we will be moving into more community rec centers and preschools.


We are pleased to introduce Jillian! As our Director of Education, Jillian leads other teachers in curriculum development, classroom etiquette, and project based learning. Her vast array of experience, knowledge, and charismatic personality are such a valuable asset to us. We are so pleased to have her part of the Maestro Team!

Jillian received her Bachelor's of Music from Ball State University - School of Music in vocal/general music education. As a lyrical soprano, she studied voice under soprano Yoko-Shimazaki-Kilburn and piano under Dr Lori Rohden. Jillian was the recipient of the Sigma Alphas lota Choral Scholarship.

FALL 2019

We still have more spots opening up, so if you are interested in bringing music to your preschool, elementary school, or community center, let usknow!

Click on the "bring us to your school tab under" the faq.

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