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CORONAVIRUS: Update from Maestro Music


It goes without saying that 2020 hasn’t quite gone according to plan so far, and we continue to be alert to advice from the CDC and the Government about opportunities to bring back live activity in the coming months. We’ll provide updates on new plans as soon as they’re confirmed.

However, there are enough barriers to music-making as it is, and we haven’t - and won’t - let this be another.

In April and May, Maestro music assembled on Zoom for thousands of students giving music classes and - just as importantly - time for friends to be reunited, including sharing with each other their own amazing musical creations during lockdown. 


With the uncertainty of Coronavirus over the summer Maestro unfortunately had to close temporarily and many contracts were not renewed. Many of our teachers were impacted and it's been devastating to say the least. However, we have not given up - and neither should you. 

We are coordinating with schools that have reopened to bring music back to the classroom! We will be following all proper Government and school district protocols to make sure safety is the main concern.  

If you're interested in bringing music to your classroom, contact us. We are open and available to discussing online and in person classes (should your school be open). 

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