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  • Is your curriculum standards based, off each grade level?"
    Yes! Our entire music program --- curriculum, teacher training, instruction, and culminating experiences --- is standards-based and designed to enhance a child's music learning experience while meeting Maestro instructional standards that coincide with state arts standards. Specifically, we base our curriculum on California performing arts music-specific content standards for public schools:
  • How long do your classes run?
    We cater to many different programs. Our classes can be anywhere from 5 weeks to 1 academic year for TK-5th grade.
  • How do you ensure that a standards based curriculum is followed and understood by the music teacher?
    Our teachers are not credentialed. However, our teachers must meet minimum requirements of a Bachelor's Degree in major or minor in Music. Our highly selective teacher process is based on music expertise, a strong educational background, successfully working with young people, and collective years of music experience at the college or professional level. Our teachers are required to successfully complete our Maestro Academy, an intense 2-week teacher immersion training program. The program is comprised of key elements to teacher success for: Curriculum, integration of Kodaly and Orff music methods, classroom management, collaboration tools, technology, etc. Further, we have systems in place to ensure 100% teacher compliance and adherence by: * Quarterly drop-in teacher observations * Quarterly professional development training requirements * Monthly scope & sequence submissions by teacher * Weekly lesson plan submissions Our Quality Assurance Program ensures our teachers meet standards at every level. We make quarterly observations of all our teachers and measure all essential teaching and classroom standards requirements. Observation results are shared with teachers for continued development and to ensure the highest quality of instruction. We provide surveys to your teachers, staff, and parents at mid-semester and end-of-semester periods. Our surveys measure program content, curriculum, classroom management, concert production quality and much more. We can edit any portion of the survey to address district or school site ares of concern.
  • How are the California State Standards for Music Education applied when teaching?
    Our curriculum, in combination with California Visual and Performing Arts standards, lists sequence learning for respective grade levels. We use a sound before sight approach to music literacy as well as Solfege and incorporate a plethora of music education philosophies such as: Dalcroze, Kodaly, and Off music methods.
  • How do schools typically fund your music program?
    We work closely with Parent Teacher Organizations in order to meet funding requirements. We provide fundraising support and concepts to increase your funding.
  • How much does your program cost?
    We guarantee the lowest price for the highest quality music programming. The actual cost of the program depends largely on the number of classes you request per week. Vist our contact page and submit your information for a free quote.
  • Can you do a presentation about your program?
    Yes! Visit our contact page and tell us when you would like us to visit your school. Presentations last approximately 30 minutes.
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