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Become a Maestro

Music educator positions are available. We are seeking qualified teachers specializing in general music for grades TK through 5th. 


Teach Music

Do what you love everyday. Show your passion of music to the next generation

Set your schedule

Let us know what days of the week you're available to work 

Part Time and Full Time

We have both full time and part time positions available. Let us know what you need


Hailey Pugh, Maestro

It's been a great experience that's allowed me to take my music that I love performing and doing myself, but teach it to other people, so I'd highly recommend working for Maestro Music.

Lauren Jones, Maestro

It's good to know that music teachers are being taken care of, because in my past experiences it's sort of been like you're on your own, good luck, ya know, so I like that about Maestro Music

Thank you for your interest!

Please follow the directions below and include your information in the fields below to apply. We appreciate your interest in joining Maestro Music as a team member. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Please submit the following documents:


1. Cover Letter


In your cover letter please address the following:


a. If you do not have a music degree, please share your music teacher qualifications and experience.

b. Have you worked with youth? If so, what age group, and in what capacity?

c. Describe your professional music experience(s).

d. Please include at least 2 professional references (include name, position, email, phone number).

Upload Cover Letter

2. Upload Resume


Upload Resume

3. Upload Supporting Documents

optional: credential, certifications, sample music lesson plan


Upload Documents

Thanks for submitting!

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